Walkaway wealth

When you can maintain the lifestyle you choose for as long as you live without ever being required to work

The challenge is real: Education debt. A late start. Financial complexities. A healthcare system in flux. Social expectations. And a very full schedule.

Physicians are smart and hard-working. So why do so many struggle to build substantial wealth? Three more reasons:

Physicians spend incredibly long hours doing stressful and demanding work, including excessive administrative tasks. Their work-life balance may not leave time for the attention that proper financial planning requires.

Manifesting as a decrease in autonomy, a physician's work may be beholden to an insurance company's willingness to pay and to shifting Medicare reimbursement structures.

A physician's healthy buyer-beware instincts and the varying degrees to which financial professionals adhere to a fiduciary standard may create a chronic lack of trust in the financial industry.

Residents & Fellows 

You're almost ready to launch your career and soon to be faced with myriad important financial decisions.

Now is the perfect time to connect with an advisor and explore solutions for getting to zero student debt and beyond.

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Early-Career Physicians

In your first years of practice, you face financial decisions that will likely impact the direction of your finances throughout your lifetime.

Target these crucial years and prepare the foundation for a work-optional lifestyle in the future.

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Established Physicians

You’re busier than ever, your assets are accumulating and you need to be sure you’re on the right track.

You need clarity about when you can retire, your options in retirement, and whether you need to change course to improve your outcome.

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The solution isn't rocket science. Physicians who reach walkaway wealth take care of their family finances with comprehensive planning. They shouldn't be a minority among their peers, but they are.

Their success strategies include:

Having a plan tailored to their circumstances

Knowing where they stand at all times

Having confidence in every financial decision they make

Spending with intention, especially with large purchases, most especially with home purchases

Building a joint vision with their significant other