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We are independent advisors happily observing a strict fiduciary standard

TGS Financial Advisors created TriageMD to empower early-career physicians.

Many physicians have the same planning needs as our clients in other professions. But the new physician, with a later career start and loads of education debt, can really benefit from efficient management of the myriad decisions they’ll make as they transition into practice.

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TGS is an independent firm

The TGS why is client-centric 

After more than a decade with some of the world’s biggest financial services firms at the beginning of their careers, TGS founders Jim Hemphill and David Burd had grown wary of an industry wading deeper into convoluted products and straying further from the needs of real people. So, in 1990 they started TGS Financial Advisors.

Today, TGS is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor focused on helping high-net-worth individuals and families make the most of the complexities of wealth through discipline, intention, and action. Our interests are aligned with our clients' interests. Our success depends on their success.

The TriageMD difference: from living like a resident to salary leap to solid financial trajectory

You need to be sure that your increased income will provide the maximum benefit, for you and your family, over your entire lifetimes.

Many physicians experience a period early in their career when they need concentrated, fee-only advice in the context of negative net worth. TriageMD offers flat-fee and subscription options for physicians only.