The Inflection Point

This workshop primes the mindset needed to turn financial possibilities into realities for new physicians


The Inflection Point

Targeting the Work-Optional Lifestyle

Workshop Overview

During their first three years of practice, young physicians will make decisions about debt pay down, savings rates, spending, and investing that will dominate the financial trajectory of the rest of their lives. We believe those decisions should be informed reliable data and driven by financial best practices.

This workshop is aimed at doctors making the transition from residency or fellowship to practice. We will communicate the following:

  • The unique financial challenges of doctors: training longer, starting later, and with higher student loans.
  • Why the ROI (return on investment) on funds borrowed for medical school education is among the highest available.
  • The decisions you make in your first three years of full-time practice will dominate the financial trajectory of the rest of your life.
  • Understanding the time value of money and why early savings are crucial.
  • The transition from residency or fellowship to full-time practice is the only time in physicians’ lives when they can simultaneously increase their savings and upgrade their lifestyles.
  • “Setting the dial” intentionally between saving and spending is the key decision.
  • The power of optimizing your debt pay down, savings, and investing sequence. How to factor in tax efficiency, risk and return.
  • The long-term data on houses as investments.
  • An early-career investment approach based on stock index funds.

This is a fast-moving, information-dense presentation. Participants should not expect to master all of the material. Instead, we suggest they plan to absorb one useful fact or concept and identify one question for further study.

As fee-only financial advisors who sell no commission-based products, our goal is to provide an unbiased, no-strings-attached introduction to financial best practices. We want to empower young doctors to improve their decision-making and build rational confidence that they can attain long-term financial security.

Our goal is to instill a sense of urgency and intentionality. We encourage young doctors to be high savers from the beginnings of their careers, so that they can place themselves on track to achieve a work-optional lifestyle by normal retirement age.

We recommend this as a second TriageMD workshop. This workshop runs about 40 minutes, with a Q&A session to follow. All participants will be offered the option of signing up for our free online financial education curriculum.

We host our workshops in teaching hospitals and in our Radnor, PA office throughout the autumn and spring.

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Residents and fellow who:

  • are nearing the end of their residencies/fellowships
  • have questions about what their savings rate should be
  • are interested in achieving their best financial trajectory
  • want to approach their financial life with intention

Many of our workshops are scheduled at local teaching hospitals, but we also welcome smaller groups at our Radnor office. We also offer virtual workshops.

The Inflection Point Workshop is presented by one of our TriageMD advisors.

If you are unable to attend our workshop at a hospital or at our office, please take advantage of a free consultation with TGS Financial Advisors. Simply note your interest in the workshop in the message field of the “Contact Us” form—we’re happy to discuss workshop content one-on-one.

Due to their education debt, emerging and new physicians often have a negative net worth. Because of this, they are not considered ideal customers by many financial planning firms. As a result, even though they face more important financial decisions in a condensed period of time than other professionals do, they tend to be underserved.

We offer our workshops free of charge because we feel strongly that the financial messages we share can make a significant difference in the quality of life for physicians and their families.

Do we also hope that you like our message well enough that you will become a client? Of course. But there are absolutely no strings attached.