Understanding the MATRIX

The workshop addresses basic loan mechanics and how debt fits into the context of an overall financial plan


Understanding the MATRIXTM

Getting to Zero Student Loans & Beyond



It's no secret that most new physicians have concerns about their education debt. And who could blame them when the average new physician owes $200,000, and some owe much more than that.

The first aim of this workshop is to stress the importance of an informed debt-payment strategy. Participants will get an overview of the complexities of public and private education loans, loan forgiveness, and income-driven repayment programs.

The larger goal of the workshop is to put student debt into context. Attendees get a clear, unbiased picture of how their loan decisions might compare to consumer debt, savings and investment decisions. This is where MATRIXTM comes in. MATRIXTM stands for maximizing after-tax, risk-adjusted returns (where the "x factor" is the return), or a data-driven approach to sequencing financial decisions. Whether it's paying down debt or adding to savings, residents will learn that they should run the numbers before allocating their precious financial resources.

Bonus points: Attendees will discover additional benefits of a staged-in lifestyle (aka even more deferred gratification).

This workshop runs about 45 minutes, with an unlimited Q&A session to follow.

We host our workshops in teaching hospitals and in our Radnor, PA office throughout the autumn and spring.

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Frequently asked questions


Residents and fellows who:

  • are nearing the end of their residencies/fellowships
  • want to know more about debt-repayment strategies
  • are interested in learning how to optimally sequence financial decisions
  • are curious about how lifestyle spending will affect your financial outcomes

Many of our workshops are scheduled at local teaching hospitals, but we also welcome smaller groups at our Radnor office. We also offer online workshops.

The Understanding the MATRIX Workshop is presented by Jim Hemphill, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®.

If you are unable to attend our workshop at a hospital or at our office, please take advantage of a free consultation with TGS Financial Advisors. Simply note your interest in the workshop in the message field of the “Contact Us” form—we’re happy to discuss workshop content one-on-one.

Due to their education debt, emerging and new physicians often have a negative net worth. Because of this, they are not considered ideal customers by many financial planning firms. As a result, even though they face more important financial decisions in a condensed period of time than other professionals do, they tend to be underserved.

We offer our workshops free of charge because we feel strongly that the financial messages we share can make a significant difference in the quality of life for physicians and their families.

Do we also hope that you like our message well enough that you will become a client? Of course. But there are absolutely no strings attached.